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The BEST treatment ever!!

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

I just bought a new toy! And I'm super excited about it. It's sleek, shiny and fast and corners well. It's European design and has some serious power.

It's a Derma CIT Pen. Hahaha, gotcha! AKA dermapen, dermaroller and Collagen Induction Therapy. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's your chance. And if you regularly spend $$$ on skin treatments and you haven't tried it, you're mad!

I've been dermaroller-ing for about 7 years now, both for my clients and on my own skin. It's about the only treatment I do for myself and the one I accredit to the serious changes in it - reduction of my acne and chicken pox scarring, reduced pigmentation and lack of need for fillers and Botox. And it does it all at once in the same treatment. Whoop!

I've previously written a post about collagen and elastin, so you should read that first (here).

1. Collagen and elastin are the structures under the surface of our skin, that prevent it from sagging and wrinkling - like the framework of a house.

2. Unfortunately we pretty much stop natural production of these fibres around the age of 20.

3. Without constant production of collagen to pep the skin up, we see lines and wrinkles forming.

4. This is when people usually turn to botox and filler. However, if you had a natural alternative, to create those exact fibres in your skin as opposed to injecting something foreign, which do you think would be a better and safer alternative???

OK, so now we understand why we need collagen. So how do we get it? The only time we produce collagen, is as a response to healing a wound - like when you cut your finger or bust a zit. The skin heals itself, right? A massive part of that process is collagen production. It's a biological process that the skin already knows how to do. A Derma CIT pen treatment produces tiny little punctures in the skin. The skin recognizes them as wounds and begins the healing process - one of the first steps being collagen release.

Hooray!! Over the next 6 weeks this collagen solidifies becoming structural collagen and Ta-daa!!! The result: plump, firm, skin. Collagen is increased by up to 400% from each treatment.

If you would like any further information on this treatment, or a skin analysis, you can contact me here .

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