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how I start my day...

Every single day, without fail, I start with a glass of warm water and freshly squeezed lemon juice. I'm not just trying to be a cool cat (because it seems every healthy expert does this - maybe there's method...). It is REEEEEALLY good for you and takes 2 seconds. Here's why:

For your skin: It aids the production of collagen. Hooray! It is loaded with Vitamin C, which fixes just about everything and helps repair damage caused by nasty little free radicals.

For your body: It alkalizes the digestive system and helps ward off a myriad of health issues that stem from inflammation. It helps the kidneys to better assimilate water so you stay re-hydrated for longer. It also aids digestion, liver function, metabolism and about a million more things (read about them here).

Try it, I bet you're healthier for it.

About an hour later, I have a green smoothie. It has everything but the kitchen sink in it, but it is good. Really good. It's tangy, sweet, smooth, creamy and spicy and I crave it every day. It's loaded with fruit and veggies, alkalizes the system, gives me several good serves of fruit and veggies - all before I even start the day.

It makes about a milkshake cup worth, so keeps me full until lunch. Sometimes I split it into 2 jars and have it as snacks throughout the day. Although the fresher the better, prep it early if it makes it easier for you.

1 cup liquid - water or coconut water

1 cup spinach, kale or cos lettuce

Handful of fresh mint (can also add some coriander if you like it)

Celery - I use a handful of the leaves, but a stalk is good too

1/2 green apple

Cucumber - a good chunk (like 8cms)

Ginger - about 1cm

1/2 lime - juice

1/4 avocado


*Sweetness - add 2-3 pieces of frozen mango or pineapple

*Protein powder - obviously milk protein won't work here. I like to use a flavourless collagen powder.

Extra ice if you want (I keep all my ingredients in the fridge, so they're cold already)


Oh, and I've just started adding fresh turmeric. Look at me go!

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